The epidemic

In the Prologue of the season premiere of Killing Pain, we frame the conversation around the opioid epidemic, from the incredulous stats of overdose rates, to an overview of the disease of addiction that fuels this epidemic, to an introduction of the personal toll.

episode 1

the face of addiction

Meet John McGregor -- a quintessential Oklahoman. Born and raised in a loving family on a palomino horse ranch and member of a great church in Cleveland County.

episode 2

the biology of addiction

Once we understand the science of how opioids alter the brain, we can begin to fight the stigma of addiction, prevent individuals from entering into this disease, and treat those who have this disease.

episode 3

how did we get here?

To end this epidemic we must know how it began. The opioid epidemic is unique compared to other drug epidemics.

episode 4

The Cost of Addiction

John McGregor’s addiction has become unrelenting. His constant deceit and theft to fuel his disease have left him estranged from his family. John is now living on the streets.

episode 5


It is over a Cleveland County Jail phone call that John McGregor finally hits bottom. He hears his daughter on the phone while speaking to his mother during a weekly phone call. “I don’t want to be like this,” is his cry.

episode 6

what now?

We are in a battle against a Goliath. The odds of success seem low and the epidemic seems overwhelming, however there is hope.

episode 7


For the first time in American history, opioid manufacturers were brought to court for causing the opioid addiction epidemic. This is the story of the landmark case.

episode 8


As the COVID19 crisis forces us all into isolation, the battle against addiction becomes even more difficult.